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Tribe Circus Arts 
Aerial Silks, Lyra, Aerial Hammock, Aerial Yoga, Lollipop Lyra, Spanish Web, Straps, Flying Pole and More Aerial Arts for Adults...


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Our Vision

To Challenge, Train and Inspire people in our local community through the Art of Aerial.


Tribe is an aerial studio created primarily for adults, to offer them a space to train free from criticism, judgment and competition. A space focused on creativity and celebrating accomplishments, whether it’s for a hobby, a workout or for performing.


We offer the opportunity to safely learn breathtaking skills from highly trained instructors, a space focused on encouragement over competition, and most importantly to foster a sense of community and belonging.

Tribe Circus Arts was established in October 2017, in Tulsa and was formerly JenksAcroTribe.


Structural Inspection performed and approved by FEI Inspection Services.


Beginners Special
4 classes for $40

New to our studio? Then try 4 of our Beginner Aerial Silks, Beginner Lyra Classes or Beginner Hammock/Sling classes for just $10 each.

 These classes focus on the main poses, footlocks/climbs or mounts to strengthen your grip and body. Begin your aerial journey with strong foundations. You can find the days on our class schedule, click learn more to see our times.

For ages 19+.



"Aerial silks is a type of activity performed from a specialist fabric. The fabric may be hung as two pieces, or a single piece, folded to make a loop, classified as hammock silks. Performers climb the suspended fabric without the use of safety lines and rely only on their training and skill to ensure safety. They use the fabric to wrap, suspend, drop, swing, and spiral their bodies into and out of various positions. The fabric may also be used to fly through the air, striking poses and figures. 

To start practicing Aerial Silks, it is not necessary to have a particular body type.

It is not necessary to have a good initial level of upper body strength.

It is not a discipline reserved for women.

You don't have to be exceptionally flexible to get close to Aerial Silks."



What is Aerial Hoop?

"Aerial hoop, also known as Lyra or Aerial Ring is a form of exercise that only recently emerged. It has roots in the circus and the world of acrobatics and aerial hoop is related to both pole dance and aerial silk. Aerial hoop, therefore, combines strength exercises, agility, and grace. An aerial hoop, or Lyra as some call it, is an enlarged hula hoop ring of steel suspended from the ceiling, in which hoop artists can exercise spins, drops, tricks, and positions. In aerial hoop, you conduct the exercises in fast motions and you often practice rather long combinations. You wear long pants and a top when you do aerial hoop, as you have to hang a lot on your knees and therefore want to protect them a little. Aerial hoops come in various sizes and variants and can either have one or two hooks for hanging and can be either static or put on the spin, so you can twirl around."



What is Aerial Hammock?

"Aerial Sling-Hammock, belongs to the category of aerial acrobatics and it is deeply influenced by Trapeze, an aerial art form broadly known from old times in the field of Circus arts. The uses of this swing-shaped fabric are now numerous, since we meet it in Aerial Yoga, in Acrobatic Arts and also in Aerial Dance. Aerial Sling can vary from static to rotating and its difference to Aerial Yoga is that under ideal circumstances a certain height is required for the performance of acts and drops. It is an accessible aerial art form to the majority of people, since the fabric is naturally “hugging” our body. On the other hand, the practice of these exercises, strengthens our body (especially our core) and improves our flexibility”.

We also offer Flying Yogis (Aerial Yoga) this class is a more restorative, low impact aerial art.



Our Owner Jillian, is passionate about helping solo mamas. She has been a solo mama for the past ten years, raising six boys, and has faced all the hardships a single parent can, from financial struggles to feeling completely overwhelmed and isolated.

Jillian founded Tribe Circus Arts while pregnant with her 5th child and the absence of a partner.


"Aerial and AcroYoga were a source of healing and security for me. It gave me a confidence in myself that I had lost. Acro created a way of exercise and playtime with my children and unknowingly I created the best support system (Tribe Circus Arts) I could hope for. I am surrounded by individuals (within Tribe) from many different walks in life, that have formed respect and admiration for each other through this challenging form of aerial arts."


Jillian now wants to help other solo mamas find their purpose and passion in life but knows that financial struggles may hold them back. Tribe wants to sponsor some mamas in need and give them the support system they deserve, from aerial classes to financial assistance. We want to gift to one solo mama for a three month period and help them overcome some of the hurdles they may face. We are starting small but have a vision to be able to gift to more than one mama at a time.


If you are able to help us support these mamas financially, please donate through the link below. If you are a solo mama that needs some love, please reach out to us. We will ask you a few questions and gift to those as we feel led.


While we may not be able to financially support as many mamas as we'd like right now, there are other ways to help. By donating items we can be prepared to assist any mama that hits a particularly rough patch and just needs some of the basic necessities.

-Non-perishable food items to make meals

-Basic Cleaning Supplies

-Toiletries and Hygiene Products

-Prepaid Gas Cards/Gift Cards

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